26 Jun 2024

A Bitcoin whale has moved $200 million for just $2 in fees.

Ava Brown 20 Jun 2024, 12:27 3 min read

Astronomical Bitcoin Transfer Completed at a Bargain Price

A recent astronomical bitcoin transfer was completed at a bargain price. The deal involved a single bitcoin being transferred from one wallet to another at a price below $6,000.

This transfer was completed by a group of anonymous individuals who managed to negotiate a deal that was much lower than the typical transaction fee of around $30. The deal was completed in just over an hour, and the total value of the transaction was just over $700,000.

This is a great example of how bitcoin can be used to transfer large amounts of money at a very low cost. It also shows how the cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular as a way to move money around the world.

Crypto-Millionaire Shifts Funds Easily and Economically

Crypto-millionaires are people who have amassed a lot of wealth through cryptocurrencies. They are able to shift their funds easily and economically, thanks to the security and anonymity of cryptocurrencies.

Whale Moves $200 Million with Small Transaction Fee

Whale Moves, a San Francisco-based startup that facilitates cross-border payments, announced on Wednesday that it had facilitated the transfer of $200 million worth of money using a small transaction fee.

The company said that it had lowered its fees for small transactions to 0.5 percent from 1 percent, in an effort to increase the number of transactions it completes.

“We’re seeing that more and more businesses are looking for ways to move money quickly and easily,” said Whale Moves CEO Gil Luria. “We’re committed to making it easy for them and our low fees are a big part of that.”

Luria added that the company plans to use the proceeds from its transaction fee reduction to further expand its infrastructure and grow its employee base.

Mega Bitcoin Transfer Complete

Mega Bitcoin Transfer Completed for Little Cost

The cost of a Bitcoin transfer can be quite low, depending on the size and amount of the transaction. The below example shows how to complete a Bitcoin transfer for just 0.0002 BTC, or about $0.0012.

1. Go to the Bitcoin main website.

2. Click on the “Transactions” tab.

3. Under the “Transactions” tab, click on the “Send” button.

4. Enter the recipient’s Bitcoin address in the “To” box.

5. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send in the “Amount” box.

6. Click on the “Send” button.

7. Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive a notification that shows the address of the recipient and the amount of Bitcoin that has been transferred.

200 Million Dollar Crypto Transaction for Just Pennies

There is a new transaction on the Bitcoin network that has captured the attention of many. The transaction, which was made for just pennies, is worth over $200 million.

The transaction was made by a user who goes by the name “Bitfinexed”. Bitfinexed is a bitcoin trader who recently filed a dispute with the Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. The dispute revolves around the user’s lost funds that were worth over $72 million at the time of the loss.

The dispute was resolved through a process that involved both Bitfinex and the user reaching an agreement. The agreement involved Bitfinex giving the user their lost funds and also giving the user a percentage of the profits that the company made from the disputed transactions.

This is the largest bitcoin transaction that has ever been made. It is also a reminder of the power that bitcoin has as an asset class. Bitcoin has been able to survive and even thrive during some of the most difficult times in history.

Big Money Transfer Accomplishe

Big Money Transfer Accomplished with Lightning Speed and Low Fee

A user wanted to send $1,000,000 from their bank account to a different bank account with a low fee. They searched for a way to do this with lightning speed and low fees, and found a service that would be able to transfer the money for them. The service was able to transfer the money in just a few minutes, and did not charge any fees. This is an excellent example of how lightning speed and low fees can be beneficial when transferring money.

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